Student Reviews

“First, the comfortable setting you have in the class is one that was very appreciated. I’ve never had a professor encourage students without making them feel uncomfortable. The syllabus and structure of the class had no surprises. As a professor you made sure the communication with students was always there. The material was taught and explained in ways that could be remembered. Keep teaching this way!”

Foundations of Sociological Theory
(Fall 2015)

“I appreciated how strict you were, in a sense. I learned to be on time, not make up excuses, and to simply get the work done. I feel as if you are a fair grader, and your comments and feedback were very helpful. You have been one of the most influential professors I’ve had throughout my entire college career. I think the way this course is set up is perfect. It’s challenging, and pushes us to succeed. Unlike other courses where the challenges are set up and lead to failure.”

Immigration & the Second Generation
(Spring 2017)

“This is really one of the few courses where I have taken what I’ve learned and applied it outside the classroom. The information in this class stuck with me. You kept me on my toes and made me want to learn, not just for the grade, but because it was a good feeling to be able to participate in class discussions. You provided a safe space for learning and error, and everything from attendance questions, to guest speakers, really made for an enjoyable class!”

Foundations of Sociological Theory
(Fall 2019)