Student Testimonials

“I don’t know if you remember me but my name is [redacted] and I took your Sociology of Gender course and your Immigration course at CCNY a few years ago. I just want to express how grateful I am for having had you as a professor back then and how much I learned from you.

Current events are scary and we’re all fighting for better, and I’m especially grateful for the groundwork that you laid for me in terms of awareness and becoming more informed. All the readings and discussions have absolutely been on my mind lately and anyone who has been a student of yours was blessed!”

City College Graduate (Class of 2018)

“Today I was accepted into the incoming Fall 2020 class at [redacted] Law. Navigating this journey was difficult on both a professional and personal level. Thank you for inspiring me to look outside the box, into a different direction and subsequently into a different career path.

This opportunity would not be possible had it not been for taking your class that activated me to pursue social justice. [Redacted] Law is one of the nation’s top public interest law schools and especially during these times where the veil is lifting on the reality of what America is, I am beyond excited to begin this journey and dedicate my life to the service of human needs. Once again I thank you for this.”

City College Graduate (Class of 2018)